Do yoga for healing, not as mere exercise

There is a tendency to ask what benefits a particular asana or pranayama would give in terms of treating an ailment. Not unnatural, considering our way of looking at our body and our health. We have been conditioned into thinking that different body organs do some particular functions - that some structural or physiological defect in them leads to diseases, that if we treat that particular defect [which we recognise by symptoms or pathological and other tests], we will bring the entire body back to health, and that we need not bother about the body till a new defect arises. There is hardly any stress given to preventive maintenance of the body, or to heal the body when an ailment takes place. We treat , rather than heal ; that is perhaps one big reason we are often ill and we seldom recover full health after getting treated for a serious illness. Yoga, as it developed over centuries, taught its practitioners to service the body engine, and service it in totality. Totality not only

Government's not prioritizing second vaccine dose is bad strategy, why?

During March and April this year, a large number of people above 45 years of age and with serious diseases were incentivised to go for vaccination. The central government rightly took the services of private hospitals also in this campaign.  Towards the end of April, the government shifted its focus to maximizing vaccination for those aged 18 and above. It had already stopped scheduling the second dose and now it almost completely stopped partnering with private hospitals for vaccination to 45+ category.  Take the example of Gurugram, a part of the National Capital Region. I have selected it because I live here and therefore have first hand information and experience. There were about a dozen private hospitals that were vaccinating for COVID-19 in pre-April period by charging Rs. 250 but there are hardly any now. Government agencies also used to set up vaccination camps. No more.  A tweet to the District Magistrate of Gurugram seeking information on this resulted in this stock reply: &

Running after Twitter while it is 17th in the race?

For those who are active on Twitter, this social media platform might appear to be the most popular or the most influential platform of all. When celebrities and public figures publish a controversial tweet and that is picked up by the mainstream media, it further convinces Twitter followers about the importance of Twitter as compared to other platforms. Twitter users and followers are also seen looking down upon other social media platforms, especially the new ones and those populated mostly by non-English and less educated users. TikTok and ShareChat are among such platforms. Even Facebook is considered 'infra-dig' by reporters of the mainstream media and those in the awe of Twitter. Which is the most popular social media platform and where does Twitter stand? The top social media sites going by the number of active users are Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.  Twitter comes a lowly 17th in the list of top social media platforms. While Facebook has